Josef Müller-Brockmann

Josef Müller-Brockmann (1914-1996) was a Swiss graphic designer, author, and educator, he was a Principal at Muller-Brockmann & Co. design firm. He was a pioneer of the International Typographic Style. Müller-Brockmann is recognized for his simple designs and his clean use of typography, shapes and colors which inspire many graphic designers in the 21st century.

Apart of the legendary corporate design and wayfinding system which he created for the SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) together with the SBB chief architect Uli Huber in 1982, he was mostly known for the ‘Musica viva’ poster series for the Zurich Tonhalle.

These are some examples of the posters Josef Müller-Brockmann designed.

From top left: 1) WENIGER LÄRM, 1960. 2) Schutzt das Kind! 1953, 1953. 3) BEA, fly viscount the Rolls Royce of the skies, 1956. 4) Junifestkonzert, 1957. 5) Set of 3 posters, 1995. 6)Zurich Tonhalle. musica viva. Concert poster, 1961. 7) Zurich Tonhalle. musica viva. Concert poster, 1972. 8) Der Film (poster, 1960).